My sculptural work is based on an extensive and meticulous handcrafted work. Such an intricate journey, full of complex procedures, has yet a simple purpose: I try to create an object able to tell a story. A tangible object, that takes up an amount of space but also denotes a non visible space/time. The world my sculptures carry within their material boundaries might be the world of what then was —but not now—, or now is —but cannot (or should not) be visible. This characteristic —carrying inside themselves a space/time dimension that does not match that of their own volume— lends these sculptures a ghostly aura. And, such as ghosts do, they burst in our present tense to insistently tell us a story told in a different tongue; a story we do not fully understand but can certainly feel. As viewers and accomplices, we reinvent this story over and over, interweaving their script with our own.
In recent years, my interest in portraying the invisible began to take shape in works that address the less-visible aspects of artistic production, such as the boredom and sense of failure that might arise during a lengthy creative process. Perhaps as a result of sharing intimate aspects of my working process, my recent works evolved towards a kind of co-authored creation, where the spectator became a decisive element in shaping the fiction.


Ayelén Coccoz
Born in Rosario, Argentina. Lives and works in Buenos Aires and Dresden..

Artist Program, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires
Hochschule für bildende Künste (HfbK) Dresden / Master in Visual Arts
Tutor: Martin Honert
Hochschule für bildende Künste (HfbK) Dresden / Sculpture and Ceramics
Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes P.Pueyrredón, Buenos Aires / Painting

Scholarships, grants and prizes
2021  2nd Prize (aquisition) 16vo Premio UADE Artes Visuales
2021 Creation Grant - Po_otoreto project, Fondo Nacional de las Artes (FNA), Buenos Aires
2020  Impulso Fundación Cazadores - Po_otoreto project
2019 Kunstfonds, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Förderankauf der Kulturstiftung Sachsen 2019
2019 108 Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales, Buenos Aires - Special mention of the jury
2017 Mecenazgo Cultural, support for edition and publication of the book “STILL”
2015 Creation Grant, Fondo Nacional de las Artes (FNA), Buenos Aires
2015 LXIX Salón Nacional de Rosario - Finalist
2014 Itaú Cultural Award - First Prize (aquisition)
2013 Lucio Fontana Award - Special Mention of the Jury
2012 Creation Grant, Fondo Metropolitano de Cultura de Buenos Aires
2012 Scholarship CONTI-FNA

Solo exhibitions
PO_OTORETO presents: CASA DE MUÑECAS / Desmayo Galeria, Rosario
PO_OTORETO en las Jornadas de cine-ensayo UTDT, Universidad Torcuato Di tella, Buenos Aires
PO_OTORETO presents: EN SUS MANOS / CCPE, Rosario
PO_OTORETO / Impulso cazadores - BP21 (Bienal de performance)
PO_OTORETO / Fundación cazadores, Buenos Aires
STILL / La Ira de Dios, Buenos Aires
And no more shall we part / Galerie Baer, Dresden, Germany
I’m not here, this isn’t happening / Panal 361, Buenos Aires
Weg / Argentinian Embassy in Berlin, Germany
Argentinien in Dresden / Galerie Rainar Götz, Dresden, Germany

Group exhibitions 
MOPI - Museo Ocasional de un Paisaje Increíble, de Ana Vogelfang y Julieta García Vazquez para Bienalsur / Santa Fé
16vo PREMIO UADE Artes Visuales, Universidad UADE, Buenos Aires
NEUBAU ZEITGEMÄßE KUNST DRESDEN / Altmarkt Dresden, a project by DEI FUNK WuK, PARASIT Dresdner mobiles Europainstitut für Neue Kunst, Neue Kulturarbeit, Kultur & Wissenschaft & Wirtschaft e. V.
WIN/WIN - Die Ankäufe der Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen 2019 / Halle 14, Leipzig, Germany
108° Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales, Casa Nacional del Bicentenario, Buenos Aires
Retrato de un paisaje / Sívori Museum, Buenos Aires
What matters? ¿Qué cuenta? Was zählt? - Contemporary Art from Argentina /
Curator Susanne Greinke, based on a project by Ayelen Coccoz and Cosima Tribukeit.
Oktogon, Hochschule für bildende Künste (HfbK) Dresden, Germany
Portrait of a landscape / Shirley Fiterman Art Center, Manhattan, NY, USA
LXIX Salón Nacional de Rosario / Catagnino Museum, Rosario
Piedras vol. 3 / Espacio Piedras, Buenos Aires
BA Photo (with La Ira de Dios) / Buenos Aires
Das andere Auge / Curator Susanne Greinke, Oktogon, Hochschule für bildende Künste (HfbK) Dresden
Mercado del Arte (with La Ira de Dios) / Córdoba
Oro II, Fray j. Santamaría de Oro, Buenos Aires
Premio Itaú Cultural 2013-14/ Auditorium de Mar del Plata
Muestra final Programa de Artistas UTDT 2014, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires
Santa Cloud, Galerie Baer, Dresden, Germany
Premio Lucio Fontana 2013/ Museo Sívori, Buenos Aires
Premio Itaú Cultural 2013-14/ Museo Caraffa, Córdoba
Premio Itaú Cultural 2013-14/ Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno, Mendoza
Minimal Art Gallery / Galerie Mikky Burg, Dresden, Germany
Premio Itaú Cultural 2013-14/ CCR, Buenos Aires
Disintegration (Coccoz, Magnin, Simonassi)/ Scuza, Buenos Aires
galerie baer – all star cast / Galerie Baer, Dresden, Germany
Fussnoten zum Aufbruch / Motorenhalle, Dresden, Germany
Klangkunsthöfe / Bärwalde, Germany
Beca FNA-CONTI / Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Buenos Aires
La especialidad de la casa / EPLa-Escuela de Psicoanálisis Lacaniano de Buenos Aires
Beca FNA-CONTI / Centro Cultural Haroldo Conti, Buenos Aires
Von innen und aussenlandschaften / C.Rockefeller Center, Dresden, Germany
Meisterklasse Martin Honert /Atelierfrankfurt, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Undercover IV / Galerie Baer, Dresden, Germany
Intimate space / olympic city, Innsbruck, Austria
Kunstmolkerei / Kunstraum bautzner69, Dresden, Germany
POSToffen IV / Alte Post, Roßwein, Germany

Co-direction, with Micaela Puig, of SCUZA space for experimental art production.
Idea and development of the exhibition What matters? ¿Qué cuenta?? Was zählt?, with curatorship of Art Historian Susanne Greinke, in Oktogon (HfbK), Dresden, Germany.
Idea and development of an exchange project between the Academy of Visual Arts of Dresden, Germany  (Hochschule für bildende Künste Dresden) and the Art Department of the Torcuato Di tella University.
Participating artists: Ernesto Ballesteros, Diego Bianchi, Florencia Caiazza, Martín Carrizo, Ayelén Coccoz, Nicola Costantino, Jimena Croceri, Raúl Flores, Mauro Guzmán, Fabio Kacero, Fernanda Laguna, Adriana Minoliti, Marisa Rubio, Nicolás Varchausky, and the critic and essayist Nancy Rojas.
Information about the exchange project and the exhibition here.

Development and co-direction, with Mariana Lerner, of CLUB FÉNIX, an independent space for artists of all disciplines, dedicated to foster interdisciplinary discussions about problems involved in artistic creation. Club Fénix focuses on process, emphasizing the unfinished and the unresolved, drawing attention to the concept of failure in artistic creation as a strategy to approach and discuss, empathically and collectively, the most intimate and vulnerable aspects of the artistic work.
Links to the project: 

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