A vaguely familiar portrait

Every time I work on a portrait (a task that can take up to several months), the face of whoever I am working on goes through different stages during which it bears resemblance to different people —this happens without any conscious purpose—. For instance, if I am working on a self-portrait, no matter how many mirrors and photos I may use as reference; the faces of my mother, my sister and my daughter will eventually show up. If I am making a portrait of my sister, it will be my mother, my brother, my daughter and myself who will alternate. If I try to do a portrait of my daughter, I will also be portraying myself and my husband.  When lunging on the portrait of my husband, his father, my grandfather and a gnome will appear in due course. And while doing a portrait of my father-in-law, my daughter and my husband will arise again —but then it is the gnome who will prevail.


Work on process , check for updates.