Whenever one takes a break from work, sculptures are usually covered in drop cloths to preserve the clay and maintain a constant humidity. Image and mask become thus one, simultaneously. Those worn, old rags conceal these unfinished sculptures in the same way a curtain hides the stage behind it. STILL —referring to a single photographic print, or to one frame of motion-picture film, but also in the sense of quietness, calm and silence, groups together a series of sculptures made out of unfinished sculptures freezed in the midst of their own creative process.

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- “Masked Ball”, by Ariel Authier
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A book was born out of these series of sculptures; a book containing texts, images and music; a multidisciplinary project that records the singular experience of 20 spectators before the same series of sculptures, transforming them into a collective narrative. 

A book by Ayelén Coccoz in collaboration with Selva Almada; Damián Anache; Ariel Authier; Pablo Chimenti; Susanne Greinke; Abel Guaglianone and Joaquín Rodríguez; Alejo Hoijman, Daniel Jablonski; Juan Matías Killian; Estefanía Landesmann; Javier Lesa; Federico Levín; Zui Long; Gerardo Naumann; Ma nán hé-Yi pèi zhēn; Mariano Pensotti; Mara Pescio; Bárbara Togander and Nicolás Varchausky.

The book has been edited with the support of Mecenazgo Cultural; published in a limited edition of 400 copies and printed in Buenos Aires in 2019.

A PDF version of the book ( bilingual edition spanish-english) and the music album are available for free download. 

ph. Jimena Passadore

Mark Still_album by INKILINO RECORDS