2017 - 2018

Evidence piece

On 20.1.17 I started working on a project based on my diary; a game made up of dolls and objects. I started with the production of my character. For technical reasons, head and body were separated during construction. In two months I solved the body, but the head kept undergoing permanent changes. To save those changes I made molds of each stadium.

On 19.4.18 I felt I had made a breakthrough, I was sure to have the final version of the head; only some detail was missing in the eyes. I took note of this in my diary. Leafing through it randomly, I found a note from 19.8.17, which said: "Nothing seems to change, but today I don't write the same I wrote in the last post. I worked hard today and felt like I made a lot of progress. My head is almost ready, only the eyes are missing".