2014 - 2015

During its making, a clay sculpture is covered by a damp fabric and a plastic sheet to preserve moisture. At once mask and picture, the worn fabric falls over the unfinished sculpture like the curtain over a stage.

Still –referred to a captured frame, but also to quietness, quietude and silence– gathers a group of sculptures that capture moments of their own production process, moments of doubt and uncertainty crystallized into sculptural objects. The installation proposes the fictionalization of a creative process, giving the viewer an active and fundamental role in it’s completion. A fiction under construction that is ultimately shaped through the viewer’s experience.

Related texts:

+„Masked Ball”, for the solo show STILL, at La Ira de Dios, BsAs

Ariel Authier, BsAs 09.2015

MASKED BALL_Ariel Authier.pdf [english]

+„Notas sobre un sueño”, Ayelen Coccoz, 09.2015

NOTAS SOBRE UN SUEÑO_Coccoz.pdf [spanish]

Still / sculptures